Introduction to sports governance


Broadly speaking, governance is the processes by which decisions are made and implemented in an organisation. But what does this mean for those working within the sport sector? Join us for a live webinar where we discuss the true meaning of sports governance and some essential concepts that everyone involved with sport organisation boards need to know.

In this one-hour session, Dr Terri Byers, Associate Professor at University of New Brunswick, Canada, offers real, practical insight into developing good governance in sport, based on her many years of experience and research in the sector. The webinar is suitable for all sport (and related) organisations, discussing some major themes and principles of sports governance, introducing common structures and key processes.

Taking a critical realistic approach to the development of governance practices in sport, Dr Byers acknowledges the challenges of achieving good governance in sport but highlights the extensive opportunities which robust governance offers, especially in the current climate. Dr Byers argues there is no better time to reflect on governance in your sport organisation, to critically explore what good governance can do for your organisation and stakeholders and to develop an education plan for developing your governance capacity.


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Dr Terri Byers is an international expert in sport organization management, an experienced academic, consultant and sport manager. Widely published in journals, books, practitioner publications and online formats, she has spent more than 30 years working in sport management and governance in various forms. Her teaching and research challenges sport managers to question existing practices and strive to implement responsible, sustainable and equitable management practices.

She sits on the editorial board for Managing Sport and Leisure as an Associate Editor, a journal devoted to high quality scholarship that advances theory and practice in sport and recreation management. She has worked on and secured over 2 million CAD in research funding and her current projects focus on diversity management (including integrating immigrants in sport), innovation and critical thinking in developing legacy from mega sporting events and sustainable ethical practice (including child protection, capacity building and perspectives of innovation in sport organisations) in global sport governance.