About us

The Sports Governance Academy (SGA) is the governance support hub for the sports and physical activity sector. We champion good governance because we are passionate about the role it plays in enabling the success of individual organisations and the sector as a whole. 

Our purpose

Our goal is to improve the standard of governance in sport and physical activity organisations in England by supporting, developing and connecting the people who work with, and have an interest in governance in sport. Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of an audience that includes governance professionals, those with governance responsibilities as part of their role, chief executives, board members and everyone who has an interest in improving the way their organisation operates.

The SGA aims to demystify governance and help organisations respond effectively to the growing governance challenges and opportunities the sector faces. We want people at all levels in sport and physical activity organisations to understand the benefits of good governance, and to inspire and support them to develop the skills and confidence to put good governance practice into action in their organisations, such that it becomes embedded in their culture.

Our unique platform for governance support is provided by The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland in partnership with Sport England. Our partnership is built on:

  • a shared commitment to champion good governance to enable organisations to be successful; and
  • a common goal to develop the skills, experience, resources and networks that people involved in the sport and physical activity sector need to help their organisations be successful.

The SGA training, events and board development programmes are targeted at organisations who receive funding from Sport England or UK Sport and are required to comply with Tier 2 or Tier 3 of the Code for Sports Governance. The SGA’s resource base is open to all with an interest in governance in the sports sector and can be accessed by registering on this website.

Our values

We aim to be:

Inclusive: Supporting everyone involved in governance in sport and physical activity organisations at all levels of experience.

Empowering: Building individual skills and improving recognition and respect for governance roles across the sector.

Inspirational: Motivating people to go beyond minimum standards and establish good governance as part of their organisation’s culture.

Sector-led: Grounded in the needs of the sport and physical activity sector and driven by the community that we serve.

Who we are

The Programme Board and Advisory Group bring together senior colleagues from Sport England, The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland, the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity and expertise from across the sport and physical activity sector.

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Our organisations

Sport England

Sport England is a non-departmental public body, established in 1996 by Royal Charter, to foster support and encourage the development of sport and sporting excellence. Its vision is that everyone in England feels able to take part in sport or physical activity, regardless of age, background or ability.

As the body responsible for grassroots sport in England, Sport England distributes lottery funding for the sector and supports National Governing Bodies, local authorities and active partnerships.

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The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland

The Chartered Governance Institute & Ireland is the qualifying and membership body for governance professionals. We provide professional development, guidance and thought leadership for individuals and their employers, and work with regulators and policymakers to champion high standards of governance across all sectors.

The Institute was founded in 1891 to represent the interests of the emerging profession of corporate secretaries. Our Royal Charter was granted in 1902 and its purpose of leading ‘effective and efficient governance and administration of commerce, industry and public affairs’ continues to guide our activities.

Today we support governance professionals across a wide range of sectors, including sports. We work with individual clubs, national governing bodies, umbrella organisations, consultants and academic institutions in the field. In 2016, we launched the first accredited qualification in Sports Governance. We deliver training and events for those in the sports governance community and in 2019 published 'The Future of Governance – Beyond Autonomy', an assessment of the impact of traditional attitudes to sports governance in the current landscape. The creation of the SGA in 2020 brings together our knowledge and experience for the sector in a new and accessible way.

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