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Our knowledge base is a toolkit of trusted free resources to help you get to grips with governance and start to develop good practice. Each module contains a range of materials to meet your needs in all aspects of governance.

Please remember that our resources reflect core governance principles and good practice but do not constitute legal advice.

Explore the topics below to benefit from:

  • accessible guidance that explains key governance concepts and principles
  • frameworks and checklists to help structure and support your governance activities
  • templates and exemplars to assist your preparation of key documents

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Introduction to sports governance

Essential concepts and principles of sports governance

A Code for Sports Governance

An introduction to the principal code for the sector and other codes of governance

Relevant legislation and ensuring compliance

The key legislation and regulatory documents that determine good governance

Roles and responsibilities

A look at the roles played by the central figures involved in running sports organisations.

Building effective boards

How to build, support, develop and evaluate your board

The role of the governance lead

Make sure you have the right board support

Meetings and decision making

How preparation, papers and protocols enable good decision making

Risk and control

Protect your operations, sustainability, finances and reputation


Composition, delegation and reporting lines of board committees

Ethics and culture

Setting the tone from the top and embedding it throughout the organisation

Stakeholder engagement

How to harness stakeholder voice in your organisation

Information management

Protect and drive value from your key assets

Safeguarding and HR

How to ensure strong safeguarding and HR policies

A–Z of governance terms

Speak the language of sports governance

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