Meetings and decision making

Board and committee meetings are central to good governance: they are the places where key decisions are made and where oversight of activities takes place. It is important that meetings are structured and conducted in a way that inspires confidence and assurance in stakeholders – including board members, staff, participants, volunteers, fans, sports councils and regulators.

This section focuses on how sports organisations can build board effectiveness through the use of documents such as agendas and meeting packs, but also through aspects of meeting conduct including managing conflict and tension in the boardroom. The section finishes with a look at general meetings and AGMs, some of the most important meetings your organisation will hold.

Preparing for meetings

How to properly prepare for a meeting

Conducting meetings

The most important things to get right to deliver an effective meeting

Effective decision making

How to ensure effective decisions are made in meetings

Recording meetings (minute taking)

A look at the importance of minute taking

General meetings and AGMs

An overview of the two most common and important types of meetings your organisation will hold

Related tools

Useful tools to help you hold more effective meetings and improve decision making