About us

sportscotland is the national agency for sport in Scotland. Our corporate strategy, Sport for Life, sets out our vision of an Active Scotland where everyone benefits from sport. We believe in a world class sporting system that makes the best use of Scotland’s assets and adapts to change.

Our mission is to help the people of Scotland get the most from the sporting system with our commitment to inclusion underpinning everything we do. Our role is to make sure sport plays its part in a thriving Scotland. We do this by influencing, informing and investing in the organisations and people who deliver sport and physical activity.


Our funded bodies

sportscotland works together with a wide range of organisations to enhance the sporting system for everyone in Scotland. We support and invest in individuals, programmes and organisations that contribute to the Active Scotland outcomes.

Currently we invest in all 32 local authorities (LAs) across Scotland as well as 50 Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport (SGBs). LAs and their local partners make a significant contribution to developing sport in partnership with sportscotland. Our investment to LAs is aimed at adding value to existing local provision and not replacing it. SGBs contribute to the Active Scotland outcomes by delivering a set of outputs. All of these are underpinned by inclusion.


Why we support good governance

When making decisions on Scottish Governing Body (SGB) investment, we ensure that our decision-making process recognises that the relationship between performance, development and good governance is fully integrated strategically and operationally and the decisions are based on robust integrated plans that have a clear focus on agreed outcomes.

In line with developments at a UK level, where UK Sport and Sport England have produced a Code for Sports Governance, sportscotland has developed the SGB Governance Framework. This sets out our twelve core principles which ensure consistency with our Investment Principles, encouraging SGBs to improve their governance.

sportscotland aims to support SGBs to be high performing organisations producing results “in the boardroom” and “on the pitch”, through direct investment and a comprehensive package of support which will allow them to move closer to developing a world class sporting system at all levels in Scotland.



Why we are investing in the SGA

sportscotland has entered a partnership with UK Sport and the other home nations to support governance in the sporting sector.  The SGA provides a one stop shop for sports governance with extensive resources for Scottish SGBs to access. 

It supports learning, provides templates, guidance, and training with a space to interact with other sports organisations across the UK.  At sportscotland, we think it’s important to provide Scottish Governing Bodies with access to cutting edge information from the experts in this field. 

Good governance supports organisations in delivering their strategic objectives and fulfilling their duties to their members and stakeholders.  It provides a strong foundation on which to build strong sustainable growth and a positive inclusive culture within their sport.  Good governance is the corner stone to everything a governing body wants to achieve. The Scottish Governing Body governance framework lays out the standards expected of sports within Scotland which is further reinforced with the contents of the UK code and requirements for UK funded bodies.


sportscotland says:

"Good governance is the vital ingredient needed to make a vibrant and successful sport’s governing body. Having recently attended SGA training, I have experienced first-hand the quality training provided by the SGA and enjoyed the opportunity to discuss key issues with other sports governing bodies. The Academy has professional staff who provide a central point of information and good practice for the sector.

Although Scotland has a Governance framework, the UK Code of Sport Governance provides clear guidance on what best practice for the sector looks like and what any sporting organisation should aspire to achieve. sportscotland would encourage Scottish Governing Bodies (SGBs) to use the SGA information and resources to further develop their governance."

Lorna Callan, Partnership Manager