Kirsten Fasey

Kirsten recently joined British Triathlon as their governance and organisational development coordinator, responsible for the governance action plan, supporting the CEO and Board administration, and coordinating the organisation’s psychosocial development plans.

Alongside this work, Kirsten is finishing writing her PhD on organisational resilience in elite sport at Nottingham Trent University. As the first programme of research in this new and exciting area, she has spent the last three years exploring the characteristics and underlying processes of organisational resilience in a variety of elite sport organisations, as well as recently facilitating a number of small-scale interventions purposively designed to develop resilience at the organisational level.

In a previous life, Kirsten was a commercial property lawyer for 20 years, and is also an endurance runner/triathlete, realising late in life that everyone can be good at something, you just need to pick the right sport. Kirsten is ideally suited to endurance races where stubbornness outweighs speed or technical ability.

More about Kirsten's session:

The past year has thrown unprecedented challenges at bodies across the sector, forcing them to adapt and make difficult decisions. Drawing on Kirsten’s research and work with elite organisations, including her more recent facilitation of interventions, this session will explore the characteristics of organisational resilience, looking at its five pillars before offering practical advice on how organisations can prepare, adapt and learn.