Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales

Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales

In late 2014, Sport Wales and the Sport and Recreation Alliance began to facilitate a move by Welsh governing bodies to create a structured programme of leadership and governance development. Following six months of consultation with over 50 National Governing Bodies (NGBs), a . This sets out what Sport Wales believes to be the minimum standard of governance and the expected leadership behaviours of those running sports in the country.

The Framework is designed to be flexible, simple and not prescriptive. It provides the principles of good governance, effective behaviours, practical recommendations and minimum expectations for sports organisations in Wales.

Unlike the Code for Sports Governance, the Framework is not mandatory. However, by signing up to it, bodies will be making a long-term commitment to aspire to good governance and leadership and to integrate the principles and behaviours across their organisation. It is left to each individual organisation as to how to implement the principles of the Framework and develop them.

This means acting as guardians of the sport, recreation, activity or area. The board must uphold the highest standards of integrity not only in what it does but also in the wider environment of its sport, recreation, activity or area.

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