Lead directors - welfare and safety

The Code for Sports Governance places a requirement on organisations funded at Tier 3 level by Sport England and/or UK Sport to appoint a lead director with responsibility for welfare and safety.

While not all organisations may be under an explicit obligation to take this step, it might be appropriate to consider making such an appointment as part of considering how to ensure the Board takes account of the welfare and safety of all those who come into contact with the organisation. 

Why appoint a lead director?

Welfare and safety touch on every aspect of an organisation's activities. Ensuring a safe environment for all who come into contact with it is one of the most important obligations an organisation is under.

Welfare and safety encompasses safeguarding, mental health and well-being, anti-doping and integrity as well as other issues. A welfare and safety lead director can provide the Board with focus on the issues and can support it to ensure appropriate oversight of its responsibilities. The lead director can do this by:

  • leading and informing

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